Andddd here’s the chicken!



My husband made this last night and it was delicious. I’m never very good with coming up with recipes or ideas of what I want for dinner, usually I leave that up to him since he’s a great cook while I’m just, well, a bit below average. I know, I know. The shame! But I’m learning how to cook. He’s a patient teacher even if I am a frustrated student, haha. When I had the sudden thought yesterday in class that I really really needed to eat naan and Indian food, I thought, “Why not?!” and decided right then and there we weren’t gonna go out and spend over $40 on really good food. Oh no no. We were going to make it ourselves. No problem, right? Wrong. I love making bread and baking. However that damn yeast didn’t want to activate last night! I spent over an hour on it, watching it like a madwoman, whispering to it and cussing at it to activate. Of course it wouldn’t listen to me. Only when my husband came over and helped me figure out why it was being so dead and stubborn did it work. (Hot water was too hot and killing the yeast, and then we had to deal with the water turning cold too quickly and it didn’t want to foam. He fixed this by halfway submerging the cup of yeast in another cup of hot water and finally – success!) So after that wasted hour, finally my dough had to rise. And guess what. It didn’t want to. I was determined to eat naan. I was so determined that if I couldn’t personally make it, I was going to find any restaurant open at 10pm and order takeaway. That’s how much I need naan. Thankfully, I had the brilliant idea of separating the ball of dough into 2 and those finally started to rise on their own. After that, it was easy. Just break off chunks and roll them very flat and thin, you have to make sure they are very very thin and flat, otherwise you will end up with something more like pancakes. Heat your pan with oil, oil up both sides of the naan and toss them into the pan, one at a time. Voila! Here is your delicious naan! I made half plain and the other half I made with salt and garlic, which I loved but my husband very much loved the plain. My sister ate both and was surprised I did a good job. I can’t talk much to the process of making the chicken tikka masala, because my husband made that. He said it was very simple, and honestly the chicken only took about 30-40minutes to make and that was with prep. I think from now on we will be making Indian food at least once a week, because it wasn’t that difficult and the outcome was amazing. Did I already mention that it was cheap? Like, super cheap compared to a restaurant. Win-win all around!


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Last night’s dinner

Last night's dinner

Homemade naan and chicken tikka masala – so delicious!